Comprehensive Boss Spawn Id/Names??

Is there a comprehensive 3.3.5 list of boss ids with their name counterparts? I couldn’t find it in the database at all. I find it odd that the ‘Creature’ table doesnt include it. Where are the names stored for their respective unique id? I am wanting to play around with the boss hp and loot tables(increase percentage of certain drops).

Incidentally i see the creature_loot_template table but don’t see how thats tied to any particular mob. How do you look at the db and tie loot drops to bosses?

For Example:

Looks like he drops 26 items. So I found him(finally figured out where everything was). (Screenshot #1)

Then went to the loot label based on the loot ID from the first screenshot:(Screenshot #2)

#47241 =

#1 = ?? not sure what this is supposed to be.

So where are the other 24-25 other drop items? Is there a database update that I need to do for the 3.3.5 database i download ?

Another Example:

Loot in Screenshot #3. - It seems that these tables are incomplete. Again, is this expected or should i look for an updated database?




The database is updated as long you have updated core, to learn how things works look at

@Aokromes thanks for the link. I don’t understand why I would need to reload a table if I just got the full db a couple of days ago from your repo. I’m not sure what ‘reload’ accomplishes. Are you saying if I reload a table the db would update new entries that aren’t in the world db from the repo? (They would show up in my queries?) Why wouldn’t the db already be up to date ?

Sorry trying to better understand the core workflow and hopefully to help others down the road.

If Reference is nonzero, then the value in the Item column for that row is ignored (it’s only set for primary key uniqueness).

In this case, the loot slot(s) generated by the entry are populated by items from reference_loot_template with entry = reference ID from c_l_t.

Also note that the Ignis entry in creature_template with entry 33118 is the template used on difficulty 0 (10-man normal, for raids). On difficulty 1 (25-man normal), some aspects (such as the loot table) are taken from the creature_template specified in difficulty_entry_1 - for Ignis, this is 33190, so you’d refer to creature_loot_template with entry = 33190 (and the references listed there) for 25-man loot.

PS: Not relevant to your issue, but database updates happen when the core starts up assuming you’ve updated your source folder from the git repo. The worldserver binary checks /sql/updates/world subfolders for any files it hasn’t applied yet and applies them in order - it knows where the folder is because cmake sets the source path as a compiler constant. If this doesn’t match your setup, worldserver.conf has a variable that overrides it.

PPS: For quick clarification questions like this, it’s probably better if you get on IRC (#trinity @ Rizon). Forums are awfully slow (and I never read them anyway).

Current world DB content is the last TDB file (TDB_world_full_…sql) file + all the .sql files in /sql/updates/world

It’s impratical to keep the world DB (and hotfix DB on 6.x) always updated due to its size (unlike character and auth DB base files which are always updated)

Thanks Treeston. So for 33190 - i only get 5 rows. and one of them is a duplicate from the 10 man normal. so where do i find thhe remaining 20 items from the loot table?

Also i looked up one of the drops from Ignis:

then looked this up in the ‘item_loot_template’ and it wasn’t found. So it looks like a lot of these aren’t even in the DB.

Understood. I guess i figured since we were talking about 3.3.5 (multiple expansions ago) and the last update was April 10th, that the loot tables would be complete.

There’s a lot more than loot in the world DB.

No, the last update to the world database is today.

[06:58:01] TrinityCore/TrinityCore (7ce1040 * 3.3.5): GitHub(ariel- authored) committed DB/Spell: remove SP Scaling for Druid T10 4p bonus (Balance)

Yeah but the db that I’ve been using in this thread is the world DB and I have downloaded is the latest I thought (I am using 3.3.5 not 6.x).

I got that DB here: Last update was Apr 10. I got there using the installation guide for databases here:

@Aokromes said there was an update today but don’t think that would resolve this issue I am referring to here.

@Nay maybe i am missing something - is there another sql file I should be getting.

Looks like maybe the full database releases aren’t synched up with all the daily changes. these are the files I am using now.(screenshot)


That is I was trying to explain, it’s not feasible atm to sync them daily or immediately. The “absolutely” complete DB is the file you got from releases + all the .sqls in /sql/updates/world.

@Nay - ok so I’m confused then a little. Whats the best way to just replace the current world db without having to re-compile everything and making sure that the full db loads that updated world db so that i can look at in HeidiSQL? I guess i am confused on those steps - the installation guide is hit or miss for mac osx.

My core installation should be up to date (if up to date means within the last 10 days when i first installed everything - mac OS X btw). @Aokromes linked me to the world database where i could reload the tables in game which i did (.reload) but the same loot appears to be missing.

@Nay thanks for help!

Exactly the way I said it: the full db + importing all the /sql/updates/world files. You can update manually but it’s better if you let worldserver do the job.

sorry i dont see where you said how to do this before.

@Nay - ok i am going for 3.3.5 so this is where I am at now:

you said, let world server do it for you - so what command(s) at the prompt do i need for this to happen?

No commands needed, it imports new .sql files (or creates the DB if it doesn’t exist) automatically on startup if Update.EnableDatabases is set to 7 (

@Nay - ok i closed auth & world server and restarted both. I then did a pull on 3.3.5 and saw that it got all the sql updates since 9/15 (today). Enabled Databases is set to 7.

I think tried to start the world server again and below is the error that i get (please see screenshot). Any tips on this? User issue or sql issue?[ATTACH]1921._xfImport[/ATTACH]

Start with an empty world DB.