Condition Creator Windows App

I’m writing a Windows app in C# to create conditions for TC. The program can fully make any conditions but the auto commenting is not fully completed yet and help button is not yet implemented.

Please try out this program and give any feedback you can for improving tool tips, better commenting, or any ideas to make the program better.

Yes source code will be posted in future after I get some feedback.



It’s kind of broken now but Truice had a nice way (imo) to work with conditions:

By displaying the rows to be created in a table form, it allows to copy and paste rows very quickly and edit values directly in the table to fix typos.

I’ll look into that.

It doesn’t look as good as mine and is more convoluted. The only thing this version has over mine is the ability to create multiple conditions before export. Not sure if you can click and edit then but that would be the only benefit of the table. I can look into adding this feature.

Big update to program. Now has table where you can create multiple conditions then send to clipboard or SQL file. You can also reload a condition from the list back into the editor to change. has been updated in the first post.


nice Job @Malcrom Thank you for providing us with a new and improved conditions creation tool :slight_smile: updated.

Fixed missing icon when minimized to tool bar.

Added bitmask helper for Class, Race, Reputation by clicking help.

Added more auto commenting to conditions. updated.

Added Id list to helper form.

Added more auto commenting to conditions.


[ATTACH]1833._xfImport[/ATTACH] updated in topmost post.

Fixed issue with crashing if user tried to save to file or clipboard without any conditions in table.

Fixed issue with commenting of condition being incorrect condition after [COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]CONDITION_AREAID (23).

[COLOR= rgb(51, 51, 51)]Fixed minor cosmetic with Condition Target combobox.

Many updates and fixes. Updated in first post

Most up to date is here