[CPP] Grumbo`z VIP Engine

		[I][B][SIZE=48px][FONT='Comic Sans MS']Grumbo'z VIP System[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/I]

Built Tested and Approved for TrinityCore C++

Version 3.15

This is the VIP Engine PLUS+ many cool features :

[ul][li]This allows for an adjustable Max VIP level (default 6).[/li]
				Can be adjusted in your worldserver.conf.

[ul][li]VIP can be increased by a one-time-use item.[/li]
				a simple item that will increase a player's VIP level +1 then gets removed from there inventory. if the player has already reached the Max VIP Level then the item responds accordingly and does nothing else.

[ul][li]VIP can also be increased by Voting:[/li]
				Can be turned on/off in the worldserver.conf.

[ul][li]An item that displays a players VIP stats `VIP Token`.[/li]
				a simple item that displays a players VIP stats but also will allow them access to other features by just possessing one in there inventory.

[ul][li]Includes commands `.vip`:[/li]
				3 different teleports:

						2 mall teleports.(pre-stored faction mall, global mall)

								Global mall `.vip mall`.
							[li]Faction mall `.vip home`.[/li]								

					[li]1 player stored teleport.(player storeable) `.vip hearthstone`.[/li]						
			[li]scale command:[/li]					[ul]
						`.vip change scale x` where x is a size between 0.1 to 10.0.

		[ul][li]morph command:[/li]
						`.vip morph x` where x is an id.

		[ul][li]demorph command:[/li]
						`.vip demorph` demorphs a character.

		[ul][li]repair command:[/li]
						`.vip repair` (Player Requirement : VIP Token) sql included.

		[ul][li]race, faction and char customizing commands:[/li]
						`.vip change race` use to change race. Requires a re-log.
					[li]`.vip change faction` use to change character faction. Requires a re-log.[/li]						
					[li]`.vip change custom` use to recustomize your character. Requires a re-log.[/li]						

		[ul][li]extra levels per VIP rank:[/li]
						Can be turned on/off in the conf.

[ul][li]Creatures can drop mg:[/li]
				Use the custom `mg` entry in `creature_template`. (sql entries posted below) Use to set a base value of `mg` drop for selected creatures. A creature with an `mg` value of 0 wont drop `Magic Gold`.
			[li]Use the custom `vip` entry in `creature_template`. The creature's VIP will be used as an added bonus, by using it as a random multiplier i.e (drop * urand(1, creature_vip)) the drop can be multiplied (1 to creature_vip) , after that the player's VIP level will be used as an added fixed multiplier i.e. (drop * urand(1, creature_vip) * player_vip_level) . setting a creatures VIP to 1 will allways produce a random 1 since its picking a random number from 1 to 1 lol.[/li]				

	[li]Items can require a minimum VIP rank to use:[/li]			[ul]
				Use the custom `vip` entry in `item_template` to set a minimum required VIP level to equip the item.

	[li]easy to read colored installation instructions.[/li]		
	[li]easy to edit config's.[/li]		

[B][I]>> [Grumbo'z VIP System](https://github.com/BlackWolfsDen/CPP-Grumboz_VIP_System) <<[/I][/B]