Creature guid overflow!

Greetings community!

Currently struggling with a [COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]ObjectMgr::GenerateLowGuid ASSERTION FAILED: _hiCreatureGuid < 0x00FFFFFE && “Creature guid overflow!” problem causing constant crashes on my server. As I was looking for options in the forums found:

and this:

This problem came as a result of constant and periodic spawns of multiple npcs over the last weeks/months. I own a custom server and that’s why. And it would be perfectly understandable if nobody wants to help but I guess I got nothing to lose, do I? So I got a few questions:

1.- I noticed there was an sql query in the works to be able to perform a full database guid reordering, but was never completed and perhaps by now it’s severly outdated. So, does anybody happen to have a copy of this script completed and updated? If it’s not updated I guess I can try and update it myself, I’m just not 100% sure exactly which of the tables need reordering.

2.- What are the implications or warnings about using this reordering method? is there a catch?

3.- What are some other alternatives you kind people would suggest to get the problem fixed? deleting guid entries in the creature table of my database over 1000000 is not exactly a viable option due to all my custom spawns. So I’m open to other options.

Thanks in advance and much success to everyone!

Yesterday a PR was merged that fundamentally changes how GUIDs are used and generated, you might try that. However you kinda put yourself in that situation with all the custom stuff…