Crit DMG multipler, static stats and perma ban on death questions/requests.

TC2, 4.3.4 and 3 questions/requests. I will be so glad for any help!1)How to increase crit dmg from x2 to x3 ? Im green with code, but I feel it must be here:src/server/game/Entities . 4.3.4 . TrinityCore / TrinityCore_434 . GitLab2) I have modded like 10 DBCs, made .mpq patches and edited DB to make 85-100 lev chars stats static and so they are (HP, crit, dodge etc. won’t change, as u level up), but for some reason NAKED player level 100 beats lev 90 with 25% HP left and does more dmg with spells for some reason. There must be something I’m missing. Any idea?3)I need a simple(???) script to perma ban a player’s characters on dead with roll chance like 10%. Anyone to do that ?