Custom Item (Scroll) with Stackable Buff.

Hi y’all from TrinityCore.

I searched in the forum for topics related to my idea, but could not find an appropriate solution.

Regarding my idea:

For several days, trying to make scroll (custom item), which adds a stackable buff to the player who uses it.

With the creation of actual item I have no problem, but I don’t know how to create the spell and what I want this spell to do.

What should spell to do?

Spell should increase gain experience when killing mobs or passage of quests. (like Heirloom items)

In short.

Scroll, that can add stackable buff to the owner when used.

Example from 1 to maximum 5 stacks. So the player can choose his own experience server rate which wants to play.

For example:

Without this Buff - server rate = x1 (He will play with server rates in world config file - assuming this value for 1)

1 use of the scroll = 1 stack of this buff = 1000% xp rate (servers rate become x10)

2 use of the scroll = 2 stacks of this buff = 2000% xp rate (servers rate become x20)

3 use of the scroll = 3 stacks of this buff = 3000% xp rate (servers rate become x30)

4 use of the scroll = 4 stacks of this buff = 4000% xp rate (servers rate become x40)

5 use of the scroll = 5 stacks of this buff = 5000% xp rate (servers rate become x50)

I’m not sure whether the rates should be, but this is just an example of the idea.

The percentages may be different, but I would like players to have the option of playing Blizzlike rates and one of their choice. (Max x50, even x20)

I apologize in advance for my bad English, if I have not expressed properly sometime ask me I’ll try to explain better.

I want to thank in advance to anyone who can help me about this idea.

Best regards.


That remind’s me on some kind of VIP system. (something that isn’t allowed to discuss here)

I don’t understand what do you mean with “Vip system”, I intend to add the scroll in the first vendors in each starting zone.

I thought this is the place to ask for such custom changes. If I’m wrong, sincere apologies and please direct me where I can ask for help with my idea.

This is the place to ask for custom changes.

I said that because you may want to sell those stackables for real money. And yes, that will be something from VIP system. (pay to get benefices inside the game, like duplicate rate, etc…)

No, I’m not going to sell it for real money. Is more likely to be taken by 1 Voting point, or as I said in the start vendors.

My idea is to please the two types of users. Those who want to play Blizzlike and those who want fun rates.

You know that isn’t fair to have the 2 types of users on the same realm?

Can be fun in the begining, but in the end it will suck to the users that choose going on normal.

(i am trolling… hehehe!)

I see no problem in that I have 2 types of players. I’m not forcing anyone to use this item or not to use it.

If you want to enjoy leveling, just play, if you want to quickly level 80 character, get this item and use it whenever you want.

I would add that I make this item Account Bound too. So you can trade between your chars.

So is there anyone who want to help me?