"Custom Launcher" for a Master server (8.1.5)?

Hello all,

I have stood up a Master server based on the 8.1.5 (30706 x64) retail client, but I cannot figure out how to connect to it. The installation documents say “you will need a custom client launcher (not provided) to connect to master branch server.” but I’m stuck. I found the Arctium WoW Client Launcher but when I put it in the root directory and execute it, it launches the game client and get a “You have been disconnected” error when I type in my credentials.

What am I doing wrong? What step(s) have I missed?

I do not know, with arctiumlauncher works perfectly for me. Have you tried modifying the ip address in the file “WTF/Config .wtf” What is your SO? Some ppl with Linux have the same problem.

not problem, not confirm. Connect good

I figured it out. I still had set in a couple of places.

I had to change the IP address in the following locations:


auth.realmlist.address and auth.realmlist.localaddress to 10.x.y.z




World of Warcraft\ retail\WTF\Config.wtf

SET portal “10.x.y.z”

About the configuration, two topics below I answered how to configure the addresses to play in LAN. Try to see if it works for you.

If it does not work, then the problem is connection blocked by a firewall or similar.