Custom scenario

Hey everyone,

I would like to create my own scenario on my server. I edited all my DB2 files (criteria, criteriaTree, scenarioStep and scenario), I did the link in the DB scenarios.

I attached my debugger to view my custom steps, it works. BUT… I can’t find a way to display the scenario UI. However, the UI works with the other scnenarios.

Did I miss a step ? Do I have to edit another DB2 file ?

If you have any a question or if you need a screenshot, feel free to ask !

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Don’t edit DB2 files, you need to insert that data into their corresponding tables in hotfix database and fill in hotfix_data to tell the client to request these rows

Thanks for your reply. I will try it later.

This insertion could display the UI?

Thank you again!

=== Edit

How can I find the DB2 hashes ?

All listed here

Thanks, I found a tool to open the DB2 and get the hash.

I’m testing right now !

Keep in touch :smiley:

OMG It works !

Thank you so much.

Screenshot :

If you have any question about how I did, please send me a PM.