custom zone as sanctuary

hi all.i wanna make my location is non pvp.but i have not standart situation.this location not contained in dbc files.
here is screenshot with gps

how i can make this location is sanctuary?

p.s. sorry for my bad english

no one answear…its possible or not?

It is possible… you can hack into player.cpp

Something like

if (newZone == YOUR ZONE ID HERE)
pvpInfo.inNoPvPArea = true;

Or edit the Dbc’s… (But you’ll have to go to a diff forum for that help).

(Try Modcraft for that)


Also that zone looks just like Ahn Qiraj… if that is the case… zone id is 5695

Hope that helps.

very big thanks

didnt work with zone id is 5695.still can kill other faction(

no one idea what did with it?(

Unknown zone and unknown map, Doubt that’s possible there.

very sad… /emoticons/default_mellow.png

That aside, we don’t support private servers 'mon.

we don’t support private servers 'mon

lol.but why have forum “Custom Code and Mods

TC is a learning project. Everyone here that participates is honing their skills or learn c++ out of their own interest. We do not support private servers, but we may or may not support custom additions people are working on or develop based on tc. However, we are not helping pserver owner to improve their servers on here.



if (area && area->IsSanctuary()) // in sanctuary

and replace with

if (area && area->IsSanctuary() || area->ID== AREA ID HERE) // in sanctuary

Sure.But which area id dude?If you see screenshot this location is unknown

in that case you can’t but i think you coul try to make a custom npc invisible to SelectNearestPlayer and set to player [COLOR=rgb(102,0,102)]SetByteFlag[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)](UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_2[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)], [COLOR=rgb(0,102,102)]1[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)], UNIT_BYTE2_FLAG_SANCTUARY[COLOR=rgb(102,102,0)]);

Thanks.But i try this and didnt work.I just add vendors in Shattrath and name it non pvp mall. This location

Ahn’Qiraj now is pvp mall /emoticons/default_biggrin.png