Daily quest limit

Anyone know off hand where to change the daily quest limit? Looking to increase it a little.

I would like to know this also.



I just found that too, also in the QuestDef.h

INVALIDREASON_DAILY_QUESTS_REMAINING        = 26,       // You have already completed 25 daily quests today.

and in Player.h


thank your for answer Zabustak

Discovered a strange problem related to this, after making these changes. The glyphs have suddenly changed, they looks like there are 5 majors and one minor. The top major cannot be removed or replaced and either can the top left minor or the bottom center minor. The minors all appeared as if they were major glyphs except for their color.

What my question now is how does this relate to the glyphs at all, and is there another way to increase the number of daily quests?

It has nothing to do with daily quests maximum

When you increase PLAYER_MAX_DAILY_QUESTS you’re telling the core to access wrong player fields.

PLAYER_FIELD_MAX_LEVEL                    = UNIT_END + 0x046B, // Size: 1, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_FIELD_DAILY_QUESTS_1               = UNIT_END + 0x046C, // [B]Size: 25[/B], Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_RUNE_REGEN_1                       = UNIT_END + 0x0485, // Size: 4, Type: FLOAT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_NO_REAGENT_COST_1                  = UNIT_END + 0x0489, // Size: 3, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_FIELD_GLYPH_SLOTS_1                = UNIT_END + 0x048C, // Size: 6, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_FIELD_GLYPHS_1                     = UNIT_END + 0x0492, // Size: 6, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_GLYPHS_ENABLED                     = UNIT_END + 0x0498, // Size: 1, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_PET_SPELL_POWER                    = UNIT_END + 0x0499, // Size: 1, Type: INT, Flags: PRIVATE

PLAYER_END                                = UNIT_END + 0x049A


There is no way to increase daily quest limit, btw any change of this value will lead to ambiguous results clientside.

Ok thanks, then [COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]Zabustak and I are both wrong. Seems there is a way though, but not sure how.

Sorry been away a bit, thanks for the info, since there isn’t a way to increase the daily limit, is there an easy way to reset the dailies on a more frequent schedule, maybe every 12 hours instead of 24? Just looking to allow players to complete more then the 25 daily cap.

Thanks again.