Database is empty! auto populating


this is my first time run trinitycore.

this error when run “worldserver.exe” and after complete , no table in data base!

Tell me if I’m wrong and please help me.


Hey, new here too. I’m trying to set up an 8.3.0 server in order to identify and fix problem areas for the community.

Did you let it finish the populating process? Usually take a bit for it to go thru all the sql files and execute the updates.

Also double check to make sure its connected to the correct database. If you have multiple instances, it might be updating the wrong one.

Finally, I think you can view DBErrors to see whats going on.

thanks for reply.

yeah, the populating process is done but… i put the TDB database in folder and as the picture worldserver.exe didnt find that for import (pls see the error: “… database is empty and try to auto populating” )

when i check the table of database: for example world (pic 2) no table!

what can i do?

In worldserver.conf, do you have:

Updates.EnableDatabases = 7

Updates.AutoSetup = 1

hey, thanks for reply.

yeah, i have both