DBC extractor change output folder

I’ve seen over the forums, that people usually have problems using the extractor DBC data (I myself at first, but I discovered the cause quickly without opening a new thread).

The problem is that currently, dbc extractor extracts data as dbc/, but worldserver expects the data to be in dbc folder itself. This causes confusion, specially to new users, as they will see that their dataDir is invalid.

Due to the above, I propose to change extracted output folder to dbc folder directly, instead of dbc/, so all of these issues will be gone. I post here, as I don’t see enough reasons to post as an issue, and also because it have to be discussed a little first.

If dev give me the green light, I can create an issue so it can be followed on tracker.

Is it a good idea?

Yeah, I considered that a problem so freel free to open an issue for it.

However I’m not sure how to handle duplicated files from multiple locales.

I have an idea for that, will post to bug tracker