Event Trigger - Mechanar Wave Event b4 Endboss

Hello Guys,

Iam working on the Instance Script of “The Mechanar” especially on the “Event” before the Endboss ‘Pathaleon_the_calculator’.

I gathered all the spawnpoints and the npctyps of each wave. I also know that the event starts when a special point is exceeded (I also got the coords of this point/field).

My first question is, where do i have to put the code for this event ?

In the Instance Script “instance_mechanar.cpp” or in the Boss Script of the boss “Pathaleon_the_calculator.cpp” ?

Because I know that if you finished the event the bossfight will start automatically after a few seconds (max 60 seconds).

My second question is how can I create such a trigger ?

Thanks for any help.