First script - change critical hit rate


I’ve never done any Trinity programming / sql modification before, so please be gentle : )

During first tests on my server, I’ve noticed that the critical hit chance (melee attacks) against sitting/laying targets is not 100% even though it should be if the server is blizzard-like (running branch 3.3.5).

Simple question: How can I change the melee critical hit chance against sitting/laying targets to 100%?

Does none have a clue or is this simply a dumb question that nobody wants to answer?

Neat, I had no idea this was the case, does this cover sitting in chairs?

“Melee attacks against a sitting target automatically hit and cause double damage. The first damage taken while sitting will cause a target to immediately stand. The double damage registers as a critical hit in the combat log, and do trigger abilities as a normal crit would”

The sit stand condition is dealt with in condition manager and IsSitState() and the aura UNIT_STAND_STATE_SIT

I assume you could auth logic that “on successfully dealing damage evaluate the aura and if so *2 it”.