Flying Creature

How can i make it that a creature is flying on my map ? If no combat is activ creature fly in the air and if combat is started creature goes on the ground …

can i do it with waypoints and have we a nooblike tutorial for that ?

UPDATE creature_template SET InhabitType=4 WHERE entry=X;

(This is a bitmask’ed value. You can add values together: 1+4=5 would make the creature walk on ground and fly.)

Note: If your vehicle is a flying vehicle then your accessory MUST have its InhabitType set to (4 - Flying). This being if you set it for both ground and flying it will spawn on the ground if the vehicle is initially spawned on the ground.

Okay have change to 4, but creature does not Fly, creature does stand in air ! He Stand not fly !

Creature may require bytes_1 flag.