Flying Mounts in Azeroth

Hey guys i wanted to test this on my machine just to see if Trinity would be bug free with Flying Mounts in Azeroth and i was wondering what i would have to edit to do so. I’ve briefly looked in spell.cpp but i can’t seem to pinpoint where.

A little help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have found a old Tut, but i think the tut cant help you


But if you found a solution pls post that here /emoticons/default_smile.png

I have looked at this, and i’m not quite sure how to apply it. It looks like a Git Patch to me, but i wouldn’t know where to begin with that sort of thing. i will keep you updated.

does any have a working patch to make flying allowed in azeroth?

Learn to use search. ( )

Has stated on that topic, there is client limitations. We don’t support or give help on how to edit client to allow it.

Oh okay. Thanks though Athena.