Frostmourne WOTLK + quest for it

Hello dudes, im not developer or smth else, but i have my own local server and i enjoy to make some custom stuff’s. These days i did Frostmourne for players (optainable with quest, something like quest for shadowmourne). I want to share it with comunity so…

In this link : frostmourne.rar

is - NPC for quest’s / Quest line / Items for quest’s and frostmourne

(Last quest from chain gives you also title with entry 180 - but for that you have to make litle dbc edit and to add your title /emoticons/default_smile.png )

Instalation is simple:

1 - start with NPC - execute query from folder NPC

2 - Quest chain - exequte queries from folder quest line in row 1 - 2 - 3

3 - Quest items - with queries from folder quest parts you add nesesery items to complete quests

( these items can be added in loot_table of boss so players can complete quests )

4 - import Leser frostmourne/frostmourne - execute quesries from folder wepuns - quest reward

in file also have txt document with id’s

NOTE: if you want all items to work on 100% (right click to equip, icons in bags etc ) you need to import items in DBC file and to make patch also, but for that im sure ppls are posted alot of this part.

I want to apologize for my bad english /emoticons/default_smile.png

here is screen of frostmourne : [ATTACH]1256._xfImport[/ATTACH]

enjoy my custom frostmourne and comment pls /emoticons/default_smile.png

very nice work on 58 ?

core script is

please update sql files

where is prob

update for trinity tdb 58