GameObject Browser

I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts on possibly developing something like for local use or if there is already an offline tool for doing the same that anyone knows about.

TDBs gameobjects aren’t always what they say they are (lookup Redridge Chapel and you get The Skybreaker) and I’d hate to see the above link disappear if whoever maintains it loses interest and lets the site expire.

I’m unable to open that link, the page keeps loading

TDB gameobjects are ALLWAYS what they say they are, if you can’t lookup database for name and you think model ids are gameobject ids you are very mistaked.

Not sure why… I just clicked the link in my above post and the page loaded just fine…

screencap - (<— Different page than I linked but I browsed to a gobj that relates to the below comment for demonstration purposes.

um… no? Sorry, but I’m compelled to disagree with your statement.

In the screenshot you can see the results of my search for “.look obj chapel” (disregard 1000 - [Redridge Chapel] as that is my custom addition to my db, which is in place below Skybreaker) And spawning the most likely candidate is 19001 - [Chapel] which spawns Skybreaker which is in no way a chapel. The modelID for Redridge Chapel is 7428 so I’m not confused thinking the ModelID is the GameObjectID.

(PS- DisplayID 7428 does not exist in the database except the line where I made the afore mentioned custom addition) ie: my database has exactly once occurrence of the chapel… the one I added.)

Using the object link, as in “.gob add tem [Chapel]”, from the search results in “Game Object (Entry: 0) not found”. Somehow, it would seem that the gameobject command was damaged by an update.There may even be other commands which were broken by the same update. I know that I used to be able to spawn objects by looking them up and using the link from the search results (I had, at one point, spawned some mining veins on GM Island, among other things).

That may be, as I’ve not tried clicking from the search results to the query, but i know for a fact that 19001 is not a ‘chapel’ of any sort. I edited my database to include a custom entry for my Redridge Chapel usage and it works fine. Check your own database and there isn’t a gameobject 1000 because that is the unused value that I used to introduce my own record. The default game_object_template database table doesn’t even use a single instance of modelID 7428.

Well. If nothing else- I left myself a roadmap for readding the Redridge Chapel to my database if I happened to come looking almost seven years later.

(“.gobj add tmp 19001” still spawns in a giant flying ship and not a chapel, btw ;p )