GCC 6.3 / Visual Studio 2017 15.6 End Of Life

Since we are targeting C++17 compilers, GCC 6.3, clang 4 and Visual Studio 2017 under version 15.7 will become unsupported after summer

We give this warning to allow people to ready their systems with enough time to update (it’s very likely Debian 10 will be shipped on 2nd quarter 2019).

(Visual Studio 2019 release date is on 2nd quarter 2019)



Debian 10 will be shipped on 6 july.

Debian 10 as been shipped, we recommend anyway to stop using gcc and switch to clang, also some day boost version for linux will be increased to 1.67 (debian 10 stable’s version)

Debian 10 ships:

Package: gcc (4:8.3.0-1)

Package: clang (1:7.0-47)

for sure we will jump c++20 late 2021 or early 2022, that will increase clang version to around 9 and gcc to around 8 and visual studio to 2019 16.3.

now c++17 compilers are MANDATORY.

we increased gcc version to 8, since we recomend debian 10 it’s minor issue for most.

Debian 11 is near, it will ship gcc 10.2 very likely and clang 11

VS 2019 ships already c++20 compatibility.



Debian 11 (Bullseye) is the upcoming release of the operating system. It is scheduled to be released on 14 August 2021

we are looking to use cmake 3.18.4 so ready to upgrade your debian systems to 11.

since today master branch needs VS 2022 / GCC 10 / clang 11.