Get Creature guid, which is near an gobject


is there any way to get a creature guid, near a specific object? The Creature itself exists more than one time, so i can’t just get the creature and than the guid… But the object, on which the creature is near to only exists once…

So you must add script to object:) Depends on that where that guid will be nedded

if (Creature *npc = go->FindNearestCreature(/*entry here*/, /*distance*/30, /*alive*/true)) { uint64 guid = npc->GetGUID(); }

It’s for a fix of Blackrock Spire /emoticons/default_biggrin.png (Doors)

I was thinking about this:

In every Room is a Summoner, so why not get summoner guid, check if he’s dead and than activate the Room Rune… If every Room Rune is activated, open the door… So this is very helpfully, thanks! /emoticons/default_smile.png

No problem, btw. InteliSence is powerfull tool.