Git Bash doesn't work / Transmog Vendor patch / fresh server

Dear all,

two weeks ago I created a new server and downloaded the latest trinity core 3.3.5 version on my Windows 64 bit system. Meanwhile I also installed the bots and everything works perfect! Nothing more added.

Now I would love to add the Transmog Vendor from Rochet2 but as soon as I try to execute via git bash it doesn’t run and stops with an error which you can see in the picutres “Direct Merge” and “DIFF File”.

Direct Merge - error: commit your changes or stash them before you merge.


DIFF File - error: “Patch failed” “patch does not apply”


By the way I have no Github repository, is this maybe why it doesn’t work? I don’t know how to deal with and set it up…

I would very much appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

All the best,