GitHub is now officially owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Hello everybody! Became known what Microsoft bought GitHub

A large number of organizations and developers involved in the development of free software began to move their repositories from GitHub to the Bitbucket and GitLab servers.

I remind that MS have already stated that github will move to Azura, ms “troolchain” and other M$S services / apps .

That TC think about this?


Enjoy u new UI



Will TrinityCore be considering moving to Bitbucket and GitLab as well?

No. it’s a BS.

Not sure what you mean, sorry.

Can you elaborate / explain please?

It’s missing the popup asking you to try Edge.

I was wrong

Goodbye, cruel world, I’m leaving you today (c)…


No, a BS the wanting to move to bitbucket or gitlab another migration with the amount of tickets we have.


Ok. Sorry.

I tend to agree with this, and don’t think the buy-out is a big deal. However, the blog post would have more weight if microsloth wasn’t one of their gold members and potentially influencing their opinion. :wink:

Well, guess I’ll just stop posting thing I find wrong with the core now.

I’m not signing up to anything that microsux has bought out.

Microsux fucks every one of us over so hard it’s not funny.

So Aokromes be ready to cann alot of shit.

Seems you can import a github proyect with all issues and PR on GitLab:

Thx microsoft:

more freebies added into github.

and more