Global damage system (changed in WoD)

All of we (who plays on retail) know that after Pandaria, they implemented a different damage scale system, to avoid having such a huge numbers in term of stamina, and other stats.

As a result, your hits to low level creatures (even in dungeons), are increased exponentially, like doing ~0.8 million damage and near that amount with strong speels/attacks depending on the level difference.

This seems not implemented correctly in TC, as I created a testing lvl 100 character (ok, without properly equipping him), but went to tanaris, and it costed me more than I am used to to kill a simple creature there (like more than 3 spells casting, while I am used to kill those creatures with just 1 hit).

Do you know, or guess which kind of formula they use to scale the damage done up, and the damage received down?

EDIT: For developers, you can see this with actual numbers in one of my sniffs from cataclysm raid I submitted, soloed at level 100, you can see the increased damage done and the decreased damage received.

EDIT2: If you want, I can clone my character (and equipment, if it is in database), and make a sniff killing some old creatures (the same in TC) for comparison, just ask (I am not doing it now, as I don’t know if you may already have sniffs for that, so it is redundant /emoticons/default_smile.png )

I think this should be an issue in the tracker. You can post your findings there.

P.S Thanks for the sniffs!

Ok, I add it to my todo list for when I have a moment /emoticons/default_smile.png

Created the issue #15244

The code for damage increase has been given out as pseudocode by Celestalion during wod beta.

​I can’t find it over google search, if you could post it to the issue I opened (a link is ok), then better for it to be implemented.

The original blizzard post is gone (so, perhaps they realised maybe detail was too high)… But I found this

Which I’ll also quote here in case it goes missing from that link

Players vs Lower Level Creatures, Damage Taken/Dealt Adjustments
Here are the details about how you’ll still be able to solo old raids (without being Mione). This includes pseudo-code, so get your imaginary interpreters ready.

Damage Taken Reduction
All players receive a damage reduction factor when attacked by a creature that is lower level. This applies only to creatures from expansions prior to Mists of Pandaria. All damage taken from qualifying creatures is multiplied by DamageTakenFactor, as determined below:
LevelDiff = PlayerLevel - CreatureLevel
if (CreatureExpansion < Pandaria) then
// 10% DR per level diff, with a floor of 10%
DamageTakenFactor = max(1.0 - 0.1 * LevelDiff, 0.1)
DamageTakenFactor = 1.0

Damage Dealt Increase
All players receive a damage increase factor when dealing damage to a creature that is lower level. This applies only to creatures from expansions prior to Mists of Pandaria. All damage dealt to qualifying creatures is multiplied by DamageDealtFactor, as determined below:
LevelDiff = PlayerLevel - CreatureLevel
if (CreatureExpansion >= Pandaria) then
DamageDealtFactor = 1.0
elseif (LevelDiff < 5) then
// Ranges from 1.0625 to 1.25 vs. 1-4 LevelDiffs
DamageDealtFactor = 1 + 0.0625 * LevelDiff
elseif (LevelDiff < 10) then
// Ranges from 4.0 to 6.0 vs. 5-9 LevelDiffs
DamageDealtFactor = 1.5 + 0.5 * LevelDiff
// Maximum factor of 16.5 vs. 10+ LevelDiffs
DamageDealtFactor = 16.5

Alternate Inter-Expansion Damage Adjustments
We also want to provide power growth within an expansion, despite the fact that we’ve flattened the ilvl power curve within each old expansion. This applies only to creatures from expansions prior to Mists of Pandaria. To do that, we calculate an alternate set of damage dealt/taken factors, and use either these ones, or the normal ones, whichever is most beneficial to the player.
MaxPlayerLevelsByExpansion = {69, 79, 84, 89, 0, 0}
IntendedItemLevelByExpansion = {65, 115, 200, 346, 0, 0}
MaxPlayerLevel = MaxPlayerLevelsByExpansion[CreatureExpansion]
IntendedItemLevel = IntendedItemLevelByExpansion[CreatureExpansion]

if (PlayerLevel <= MaxPlayerLevel and
PlayerEquippedItemLevel > IntendedItemLevel) then
AlternateDamageTakenFactor = 1 - 0.01 * (PlayerEquippedItemLevel - IntendedItemLevel)
AlternateDamageDealtFactor = 1 + 5/3*0.01 * (PlayerEquippedItemLevel - IntendedItemLevel)
DamageTakenFactor = min(DamageTakenFactor, AlternateDamageTakenFactor)
DamageDealtFactor = max(DamageDealtFactor, AlternateDamageDealtFactor)

Also is another post by this guy on wowhead. Goes into some specific detail.