GM level 1 sees tickets made

I gave couple of people gm lvl 1 and took away most commands except 2-3.

Now they cant view tickets or edit. however they see a message saying a Player name: XXXX made a ticket entry : 222

Where in the core can i modify so only gm level 2-3 gets these notifications?

thank you

LANG_COMMAND_TICKETNEW is used in TicketHandler.cpp:49

sWorld->SendGMText(LANG_COMMAND_TICKETNEW, GetPlayer()->GetName(), ticket->GetId());

SendGMText doesn’t know if the text is ticket related or not; you can edit that function and add something “if (string_id == LANG_COMMAND_TICKETNEW) blabla”

or create another function to only send message to gms of level X (GetSecurity())


Im sorry iam learning can you please show me how you would code it? so i can learn from that , id appreciate it

Okay, I might change the function in core then commit it.

Probably I’ll do that today.

I was just about to suggest that implementing a different system in the core would be better… hope it’s done well, and not hackish just for this case…

I’m not qualified (nor interested) in implementing whole systems

Edit: Actually you could help me/us by doing some document with the design and thoughts behind the system that you have in mind. That could go somewhere

the basic system is there already, but, when it checks for GM level, it just checks for anything > 0, whereas, it should have a switch case or similar structure that checks each level and assigns them access to gm functions according to their actual level, and not just being > 0.

There are actually much better ways of implementing the level system as a whole (in fact, click mentioned a long time ago that he was working on implementing a new system, bitmasked, iirc, but, I guess it never got completed) that we can discuss and map out in the long run.

its called Roles… [troll mode on]but i better do not say anything related or i will have whinners (already have some very basic Role system)[troll mode off] Even using a Role based system we will need to check security level for other tasks (visibility between gms)