GoMove - Install problems

Helle there,

After starting WoW 3.3.5 I wanted to install GoMove. So I did like the instructions says “open with gitbash” enter the commands, after this I startet cmake (delete the cache and reload) and startet a configure and generate. At least I clean und build Trinity at Microsoft Visual Studios.

I get the GoMove folder and so an and it shows up, but while starting the worldserver.exe I could read this message “‘GOMove_spell_place’ exists in the core, but the database does not assign it to any creature”

So what did I wrong?


See the readme: https://github.com/Rochet2/TrinityCore/blob/gomove_3.3.5/src/server/scripts/Custom/GOMove/README.md

Did you add GOMove_spell_place to DB as instructed yet?

Yes i did and IG i get the message “there is no detailed usage information wiht ‘gomove’
This should never occur for stock TrinityCore commands - if it does, report this as a bug
If this is a custom command, usw ‘trinity_string’ to specify it. Look at cs_achievement.cpp for example usage”

It doesn’t work :confused:

The button “Select by radius” gives the mail. But Target and the other works :slight_smile:

Insert a valid radius number (1-9999) to the field next to the button, then you shouldn’t get an error with the Select by radius button.