Handle Transporter GO's


this is the same post at the local - German Section.

In the Raid Blackwingdescent if the last boss has a Plattform, that have GO Type 11 (Transporter)

The problem is, they works if a Elevator and so he goes down and up…but here if the more… here and away. No Animation or other.

And how can stop the automatic move of this object? (However remove the entry in gob_template…)

So i think this isn’t works correctly as a Elevator…more as a Gameobject that is activated and deactivated…

This is the ID of the object: 207834


I have the same problem. Please, you have found some solution. I put the elevator as an object but apparently I need some field to change, because the object is not shown in the instance when changing the values to be a gameobject type 14.