Head start to begin developing...

Hello everyone

I’m a C#,C++, php ,mysql developer so i,m a programmer (yey!)

all i need is just a head start to begin work and do some good /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

like i know in order to fix quest i have to work with quest% tables …

or if want to script an ins (for e.g icc) i have to work with src/server/scripts/Norhrend/icecrownCitadel

lets say i want to fix the transporter problem all right i have to work with icecrown_citadel_teleport.cpp and some other files to tweak the functions

but here is my million dollar question … how do you link an ingame object to a script? ( you know thos blue thing!)

I’M NOT ASKING FOR SCRIPT JUST WHAT TO DO , you know a little enlightenment…


With the ScriptName fields.

icecrown_citadel_teleport() : GameObjectScript(“icecrown_citadel_teleport”) { }

That means that in the gameobject_template table of the world database, the ScriptName is set to “icecrown_citadel_teleport” for all the GOs that should have that script:

SELECT * FROM gameobject_templateWHERE ScriptName=‘icecrown_citadel_teleport’; – 7 results

Creatures: creature_template.ScriptName

ATs: areatrigger_scripts

Spells: spell_script_names