[Help] Allow Players To Queue In Bg's If They Are Already In One.

Hello, I thank you very much if you could help me with this /emoticons/default_smile.png

I did look a lot in the code but probably not in the right place…

Basicly what i want to do is allow players to queue for Warsong Gluch if they are in Arathi Bassin.

Now i found this in the BattlegroundHandler.cpp :

void WorldSession::HandleBattlemasterJoinArena(WorldPacket & recv_data)



    uint64 guid;                                            // arena Battlemaster guid

    uint8 arenaslot;                                        // 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5

    uint8 asGroup;                                          // asGroup

    uint8 isRated;                                          // isRated

    Group* grp = NULL;

    recv_data >> guid >> arenaslot >> asGroup >> isRated;

    // ignore if we already in BG or BG queue

    if (_player->InBattleground())


So i set the 2 last lines in comment but didn’t allow players to queue from AB, they can get in the queue if they are queue by someone else in the same group.

In a nutshell : i’m just trying to find a was to remove the error players get when they try to queue from Arathi Bassin.

Thank you for reading.

ctrl-F and look for [SIZE=10px]_player[/SIZE][SIZE=10px]->[/SIZE][SIZE=10px]InBattleground[/SIZE]SIZE=10px[/SIZE]


then comment both of them out and leave the third one.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10px]Ok yea this isnt working either WTF.[/SIZE]