[HELP] connection_patcher


I have created a connection_patcher in windows for 64 but when I build connection patcher for 32 bit it always crashes saying on my 2013 express VS with bunch of mysql errors. Can you anyone help me with this or share your 32 bit connection_patcher? I’ve been working on making a patcher for this.

Update your core and compile only tools.

I successfully created 32 bit connection_patcher.exe but i have this problem now libeay32.dll is missing and when I downloaded it at dlldll.com it says now - The ordinal 3479 could not be located in the dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll

I copied the files from openSSL 32 folder and it works but this time my problem is when I patch the wow.exe it gives me an error saying unable to find pattern. Can you help please.

Commit hash that you compiled and client version?