Help Launching Client 6.2.3

[SIZE=14pt]Hello guys, I have this problem, download one Wow client from MEGA but when download it, I see that is patched for Firestorm servers, client ver 6.2.3 (20779), when saw this problem search in google for a wow.exe not patched and found in 6.2.4 and 6.1.2 then I used conection_patcher (IN LINUX) in file 6.2.4 using the 6.0.4 TDB, the program patch the EXEs files without errors and generated Wow-patched.exe fine, both exes x86 and x64 files, BUT when launch it:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]World of Warcraft no ha podido cargar la dirección de la fuente de datos de la red. Para solucionar este problema, por favor, visita [/SIZE][SIZE=14pt][/SIZE][SIZE=14pt].[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]I read in the Trinity forums about some commands:[/SIZE][SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]-uid wow_[/SIZE][SIZE=14pt]engb[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]-uid wow_eses[/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=14pt]-uid plsnopatch[/SIZE][/B][SIZE=14pt] -noautolaunch64bit [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]-uid wow_enus –noautoupdate[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]-uid wow_eses –noautoupdate[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]When use it each one, get this other error always:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]This application has encountered a critical error:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]ERROR #121 (0x85100079) Version Mismatch[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Program: D:\Games PC\WoWWoD\Wow-64.exe[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]ProcessID: 2896[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]DBFilesClient\Cfg_Configs.db2 has wrong row size [found 24, expected[/SIZE]


[SIZE=14pt]Press OK to terminate the application.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Please someone help me, I’am from Cuba and can’t redownload the game because don’t have internet easy and is very expensive 2 dollar by 1 Hour, tell me if is necessary being online to play it with Trinity core servers, or what I have to do. Thanks for read[/SIZE]