(help) practising c++ on my very first code(explanation in the code itself)


my problem is :expression mus have pointer type
and its relates to HUNTER_PET->
i’m not sure what i should do actually…

copy your code to http://www.trinitycore.org/f/pastebin/ and give link.



on the file i’ve added the following included headers:

#include “Pet.h”
#include “PetDefines.h”
#include “Unit.h”
#include “Creature.h”
#include “CreatureAI.h”

The code makes no sense.

m_happinessTimer !=NULL;

This does nothing.

happinessTimer = m_happinessTimer - 60

will always probably return true or false, so it isnt going to work (same for all of those)

HUNTER_PET is a number, so you cant use it as a pointer, 123->DoStuff() wont work.

There is a GetHealthPct() method that gets the % of HP. No need to calculate it yourself

What are any of the arguments used for? I cant see them used at all…

When are the functions called? And how are they called? (arguments)