Help Request - Modify Item to Summon Npc

Hey all. I"m sure there is a way to do it, but I’m lost. If there a way to modify this pocket portal to summon a different NPC other than the Portal NPC? Here is the Pocket Portal Script…

[/URL][URL=“”][MySQL] Pocket Portal -

The Npc I’d like it to summon is a Bot Giver that hands out Player Bots, and Player Minions.

[/URL][URL=“”][MySQL] Bot Giver -

If anyone has any ideas, Let me know.


The item casts a spell which summons NPC entry 128.

This is why the teleporter’s entry is 128.

So if you replace that NPC, the spell will summon your NPC.

You can also script the item to spawn an NPC of your own choice.

Ahh! So simple, worked great, ty. I’ll have to learn more about this stuff, it’s fun. /emoticons/default_smile.png