Help with the realmlist table.....

ok, i am setting up a server for myself and a few friends. the server is going to be at my home network, but my friends will be connecting from out side of it. there is only one column of data in the realmlist table so how and what would i do to add the local ip and external ip’s to the table. will show you the external IP address. Use this in the IP column.

You’ll need to use that computers local IP address while connecting to the realm. IF you are locally connecting (Within your own network).

What I mean to say is open up command prompt and type ipconfig use this “IP address” in your

Your friends will use the external IP you entered in the realmlist table.

Think of it like this…

Realm -- -- Router -- network



Get your current ip from and give it to your friends. Your friends need to add it to their realmlist like this:

set realmlist

And yours will look like:

set realmlist

Now, go into your “auth” database, find the “realmlist” table, and put your IP in the “address” column.

Voila. You and your friends can connect to your server.

If you haven’t made accounts for them yet, you’ll need to do that by typing the following command inside the worldserver.exe that you run to start the server (after it finishes loading):

account create <username> <password> <gmlevel> <realm ID>

and are up to them, where is a number 1-4 of what you want their GM access to be, and is the ID# of the realm shown in the realmlist table you went to in the instruction above. If you want them to have GM access on ALL realms, put “-1” as the .

Here’s an example,

account create john d1ngl3b3r13s 3 -1

so correct me if i am wrong but it sounds like all i have to do is set the ip to my ip(or in my case my dyndns domain name since i have a dynamic ip) and any one on the internet can access the server as well as any one on the local network(and the local-host)

and as for account creation i need info on where to find a sql query that will create my master account so i can log in and create other accts. also some sort of description for the gm acct lvls would be nice since the wiki doesn’t have this info

Well, what I am saying is you have to configure the realm to accept connections from outside your network. You’ll do this by changing the local IP entered in realmlist table to your external IP ( after you’ve done that along with port forwarding and adding the proper firewall exceptions. You should be able to receive connections outside your own network…

People outside your network will connect to the external address.

To locally connect you simply find the LAN IP address of the realm by running command prompt → ipconfig and place that in your

The other poster told you how to create an account the wrong way…

account create <username> <password> <gmlevel> <realm ID>
  • Dose not exist to my knowledge.

The proper syntax is:

.account create $account $password

In order to make it an account with GM access you’ll need to do

.account set gmlevel

[CODE]4 - Admin

3 - console

2 - GameMaster

1 - Ticket bitch[/CODE]

I think

To set the account’s expansion level use

.account set addon

Setting up dyndns is the same just use in place of the external IP…

Sorry to whomever is reading this. I know I typed this crappy, It’s just been one of those days… Please understand.

ok, i am a bit confused…do i need mutiple entries in my realmlist to access my realm from both internal and external networks?


ok cool.

as for the accout info…isnt that an INGAME command? if so then i cant use it atm because i have no accounts in my auth for me to log in with…let alone one with gm access

Use the worldserver’s console /emoticons/default_wink.png

for acc info .pinfo (select a player or put name of hero)

for acc create .acc create (username pass pass)

for example .pinfo herco

and .acc create dog 989 989

What they are telling you is, When you start up “worldserver.exe”, a command prompt window opens & lots of info streams up in it. THAT is the “worldserver console”. You type inside that window to create your accounts.

Hope that makes it clear enough /emoticons/default_smile.png

Those are in-game commands, which also work, but he needs an account to login to in order to use them.

Typing commands without the dot “.” before them in the worldserver console work as if you’re already in-game.

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should be:

[CODE]4 = console

3 = Admin

2 = Gamemaster

1 = Moderator[/CODE]

4 should not be used, it’s meant for console only.

So, I am asking here because it is about the realmlist. So when I open the realmlist it has a bunch of Null values that are incomprehensible and also the realmlist file is in .frm form. Any fix? Here’s the link for what the file looks like. I just need to see something comprehensible for this so I can change it. No one but me can log in because of it.