Honorable Kills

I am looking for the location within the core where Honorable-kills are added to the client.

The reason for this is, due to a script I made which awards Vanilla Titles when reaching certain amount of Honorable-kills, but currently it only checks the target on Killing Blows or when the Battleground Ends, which isn’t really the most efficient way if you ask me. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on this field can point me in the direction, and I have been searching so it’s not like I’m on here asking without doing what I could.

There probably is a more efficient way to do it, than directly writing this upon adding a Honorable-kill to the client, so if it happens that someone knows about a more efficient way, feel free to leave your suggestion :slight_smile:

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The method

bool Player::RewardHonor(Unit* victim, uint32 groupsize, int32 honor, bool pvptoken)

is called on each honorable kill.

You can get the total honorable kills by [COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]player->[COLOR=rgb(0,134,179)]GetUInt32ValueCOLOR=rgb(51,51,51)

so you can do sth like

if ([COLOR=rgb(0,134,179)]GetUInt32ValueCOLOR=rgb(51,51,51) > 50)

 // Give reward 1

else if ([COLOR=rgb(0,134,179)]GetUInt32ValueCOLOR=rgb(51,51,51) > 150)

// Give reward 2


Greetings Brainy,

Thanks a lot, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that… Stupid me.

Again Thanks a lot!.

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