How Boned Am I?

Okay long story short - I had a self compiled server up and running, playing happily for weeks. Get progressively annoyed that it doesn’t show a proper revision number in my binaries. So I do everything over again this morning - success.
So before I restarted - everything, I backed up my MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/Data folder containing all my databases, believing this to be sufficient, and I would be able to drop my character/account into the new server(chacters/auth). And by backed up I mean, I copied those folders manually. When replaced with the newly created data in the folder, MySQL service won’t start at all, surprise surprise. I’ve tried copying the whole data folder, just the characters/auth folders, either or, etc. Nothing works. Only with those newly created characters/auth does it function.

Only difference in the methods was old was db 335.21071, and new being the newest 335.21081
I believe now that I should have exported those databases in SQLyog. But who knows, am noob.
Have I lost literal days of playtime? Or is there something I can do here?

So I was able to get MySQL to successfully start and stay running. This was achieved by inputting my databases after starting MySQL, updating characters and auth with the update file from the core updates folder. Now I can stop and start MySQL successfully. However, when attempting to boot my auth server or world server, its a crash. I feel as if Im taking a step in the right direction? Im not sure.

Any feedback would be so appreciated. Truly

Well no worries, this can be closed.

My Issue is not fixed - however, I’m just going to painstakingly recreate my character with gm commands. RIP my almost completed Classic Loremaster.

Copying Folders to migrate a Database is not advised at all.

If you are unexperienced with sql databases, there is another way to copy a character from one server to another.

You can use the pdump commands to create a file for a single character to import them to your new one.



			Syntax: .pdump $subcommand Type .pdump to see the list of possible subcommands or .help pdump $subcommand to see info on subcommands

			pdump copy
			Syntax: .pdump copy $playerNameOrGUID $account [$newname] [$newguid]  Copy character with name/guid $playerNameOrGUID into character list of $account with $newname, with first free or $newguid guid.
			pdump load


			Syntax: .pdump load $filename $account [$newname] [$newguid] Load character dump from dump file into character list of $account with saved or $newname, with saved (or first free) or $newguid guid.

			pdump write


			Syntax: .pdump write $filename $playerNameOrGUID Write character dump with name/guid $playerNameOrGUID to file $filename.