How could i build Truice Source?

I’ve downloaded Embarcadero Delphi XE3 and all of [SIZE=14px]additional components, but always when i open Truice project i’ve got this error “Class TsGroupBox not found. Ignore the error […]” How could i solve that? Someone help me, PLEASE![/SIZE]

I seem to remember (it’s been a long time since I messed with the code) that it required an old version of the delphi compiler, so, make sure you are using one that is old enough… another reason someone needs to port this to c++, or, even (ugh) C#…

How old? Could you help me PLEASE? I know nothing about C/C++ but i’m learning, i think i will need help to do that. I did a biggest editor in PHP but i think its not so helpful. I’ve downloaded Delphi 2010, Delphi XE2 and XE3, what of these i have to use?

From readme.txt:

Truice is a database editor specifically for Trinity.

It is a fork of Quice, which was made for MaNGoS.

You can edit Quests, Creatures, GameObjects, Items, Loot, Events, EventAI, SmartAI, Conditions and some minor things.

It is written in Delphi using Embarcadero Delphi XE and the source is available under

and precompiled binarys under

To compile use Delphi XE2 and next additional components:

ZeosDBO 7.0.0-alpha (SVN rev1789)

JEDI VCL 3.48 rev13435


JCL rev3870


TMS Unicode Component Pack trial (Delphi XE2 support)

AlphaControls 2010 7.69

Original topic on TC forum:

Truice Downlod:

Author: Faq

As i said, i’ve downloaded everything in the list, and nothing works, i always got the error “Class TsGroupBox not found. Ignore the error […]” when i open the Truice project :

To compile use Delphi XE2 and next additional components:

I do it, i downloaded all of this components, but i got this error. What should i do?


I sugest you to change to

I use Truice to change quickly a value from creature_template, for example faction column.

I want to change faction_A and faction_H in faction (new column).