How do we avoid escape sequences in new posts?

When creating a new post, if I try to use and t together (as in a directory name), it replaces it with a tab when I submit. I then have to edit the post, click “use full editor” and replace them.

For some reason when you post a new topic the editor is different than the “full editor” available when you edit a post. Is there a way to stop the forum from treating things as escape characters?

Note: Enclosing in code, quote or sql tags doesn’t seem to help

c: rinity

This is a code tag

c:	rinity

This is an SQL tag

c: rinity

\ \ tAAAalso gets escaped to


Other ways:








Seems impossible, as you can’t escape '' itself in any way

I wonder if there’s a way to allow the “advanced editor” as the default for when you create new posts. As of now, the only way is to post and then edit.