How I can understand Trinity?

Welcome everybody,

My account is new, but I know Trinity community for like 7-8 years. I was thinking a little bit, where should I post it, I choosed this place, I hope it will be okay.

Many people for sure have asked for this, but how I can understand Trinity? This is my goal to do. I’m learning C++ for like month, making huge progress, trying to understand how PC and Internet work, but can someone interested give me some kind of advice? I don’t need complex tips, what to do step by step, I just only want a sentence from exprienced guy who understand Trinity, so I can know “what’s next?”.

In order to tell you what’s next, we’ll need to know where you currently are.

Trinity isn’t an easy project to understand because there is over 10 years of development put into this core. However with that being said, the core’s code is written REALLY clean for a mega project… Honestly the code pretty much looks like it was done by a huge ass corporation. I guess that’s what years and years of perfecting code will do. What I recommend is to learn a subset of what you’re interested in. Most people tend to be interested in scripts and that is well documented on this site. However what this project really needs is more low-level developers working on things like the map system. I hate to say this but if you have to ask where to get started your C++ level isn’t high enough to really be of much use on the project, aside from scripts maybe.

I’ve been going through TrinityCore line by line the past 2 months or so and I’m just now beginning to looking into the sWorld singleton which is where the project begins to become HUGE.

My only advise is to find out what you’re interested in and start from there.

First answer to my post is logical, second gives me the needed information. “Problem” is solved. Firstly I will take C++ course, so I will know it from alpha to omega.

You can always tinker with the code with nearly zero knowledge of C++. You may not be able to contribute much in the way of actual code but that wouldn’t stop you from playing around with things on your own server. Find something you want to change, rebuild the server, test it out, see what happens.

The sheer size and complexity of the project doesn’t have to overwhelm you needlessly while you learn and tinker. Get Notepad++ and you can search the entire code base pretty quickly for specific things you may want to change. Find something that interests you so it’s fun.

Maybe once you have a better understanding you can even revive an old patch or custom code project that has gone dormant or died and there are plenty of those available. A very basic knowledge and simply paying attention to compile errors can help you fix things by trial and error.

Hey Lafoniz,

iam also learning C++ right now in School (becoming an Application Developer) and Iam also a huge fan of “World of Warcraft” for years. I dont play it on the official servers anymore because i dont have much time.

But i love it to explorer the TrinityCore.

My first step was reading through a lot of files and Scripts. After that i felt strong enough to create my own “Boss Script” which works good now. The examples helped me a lot.

While doing stuff, I always look up / discover new stuff eg. new functions. And I always feel like “WoW, some day I wanna contribute something like this too”.

Now Iam working on an Instance Script of the Instance “The Mechanar” which i know pretty well.

Hopefully I can contribute my code to the Core /emoticons/default_smile.png

Just do what you like. Even if the beginning is a little bit frustrating for a noob like me, it feels amazing when that what you did works.

You will improve will working. The people in this forum may help you if you let them.

Just keeping going.