How to Check, if creature is dead ore not?


how do i actually check, if a creature is dead ore not?

Should say Dead where the HP bar is :

or just 0 Hp

Define for what.

Conditions ? C++ script ?

Well… Thank’s for your nice answer… Sounds really, like you think i’m stupid… I hate such ppl :confused:

This is Posted in the C++ Script Development area. Any Idea, why? /emoticons/default_wink.png

I understand that you expected people to know what you meant because of where you posted it, but, a fully formed and thought out question is always better, and more likely to get valid responses…

Anyways, this is how you check wether a creature is dead or alive in C++:

if (creature->isAlive())


if (creature->isDead())

No, you actually strike as an exceptionally intelligent person. I thought you were posting that way to make fun of stupid people. You should make your jokes a little more clear to everyone else.

use common sense and intellisense the next time.

also, or does not have an e in it, unless you are talking about iron ore or something.