How to disable /run script for players

Dear everyone!

Is there any kind of ways to disable the whole /run script command for players (chat functions)?
Especially I’m looking for a fix solution for this:

/run SendChatMessage(“WOW”, “WHISPER”, nil, “\240\146\140\165\240\146\145\163\240\146\145\169\240\147\139\141\240\147\139\136\240\147\137\161\240\146\140\165\240\146\145\163\240\146\145\169\240\147\139\141\240\147\139\136\240\147\137\161”)

This still crash the server, and tested on the latest TrinityCore-master and TrinityCore-3.3.5

I hope someone able to help me out.

I tried this as a solution, but no luck sadly:

PS: No crash log at all on debug mode lol

if you “tried that solution” and you state you use latest, that solution is already on latest, then you are using some custom core.

Start worldserver.exe from cmd/powershell (no double-clicking on worldserver.exe) and check what gets printed before it closes.

While at it, run “.server info” and post the output.