How to fix spells?


I’m new to this forum, but did already check a lot of things out. I’ve downloaded the sourcefiles and successfully compiled a core (bnetserver and worldserver) for 7.2.0.

However when starting the server there are many database issues. I’d like to fix those, starting with spells. I was working on getting First Aid fixed. I saw that first aid is entry -746 in table spell_script_names and uses c++ function spell_gen_bandage.

In the attachment the log generates an error complaining that there are no ranks. However I’ve got a populated spell_ranks table (see attachment). Both in spell_ranks and in spell_script_names I’ve got no duplicates. What could be the reason for having still this issue?



Most of these errors are old scripts from Wrath, Cataclysm that are still referenced in the database.

To fix them you need to check if the lines in the database are still valid, removing them if not (or adding when something is missing).

Thanks Nay for replying!

I’ll have a look at those errors in general. However I would’ve expected the first aid to work since that error (seperate problem) tells me that there are no ranks. I do have ranks added to spell_ranks, but still this doesn’t work. Did I miss something, What could be wrong/what did I forget to add as well?

I’ve also looked at the c++ code where it references spellinfo. I don’t know where that is stored and that might be the source of the problem of first aid (spellid 746) because the error is generated when no spellinfo can be found. See both attachments in the first post.