How to Install Manuel's Passive AntiCheat?

Hey guys. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for ANY tutorial about how to install Manuel’s Passive Anticheat System for TrinityCore, but I could not find it. I have pulled the Git and I have a TrinityCore-AntiCheat folder, I have used Cmake and I got Build-Anticheat, but what do I do since then?
I got ALL the required programs (SSL, C++2013, Cmake 3.0.0. latest core) so if you could just explain to me how exactly do I move on from here…?
Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, my mistake.

I solved it myself. Need to download:

passive.2014-04-25.f27057b.patch & patch.2013-11-08.114cae2.patch.

Open Git Bash and apply, then Cmake - configure and then recompile.

If you can close it, it would be awesome.

This is from my server’s location’s commands I did on Git Bash:

cd D:/ServerName
cd TrinityCore
git apply passive.2014-04-25.f27057b.patch
git apply patch.2013-11-08.114cae2.patch
Took me a while to get this since I am quite of a newbie to this whole patches systems, but so far I’ve added an anticheat and transmog systems so… /emoticons/default_tongue.png