How to login master 10.0.7 ? Final step to play!

This is my first time running the master
My build server @Mac OS Catalina

I can see my worldserver is on

and my bnetserver also on

I open my
and change the portal

SET portal “Kr”


SET protal “”

I also check the realmlist has set in mysql

so I use command bnetaccount create to create an account
seems no problem

I open the game , not via launcher
enter mail and password

it shows

You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901023)

I don’t know what I miss , did I need redownload the game again ???
I also open 4 port on my router : 1119, 8081 , 8085 ,8086

PLEASE help this is my final step
if anyone has interesting about running server on Mac welcome to PM me
I will share my setting , step by step

Happy gaming !!!

Fixed , need put map extractor in the client folder
and run the in wow folder too
use the path as “.”
everything works now