How to make quest

Hi i have question how to make quest who looks like:

1.take quest from npc.

2.must right click 4 times on npc (not the same npc) to done quest back quest

looks like this quest http://www.wowhead.c…13/fear-no-evil

please help thx.

in quest_template set RequiredNpcOrGo and then in smart_scripts use smart_event_gossip_hello and smart_action_killedmonster on invoker

in smart_scripts i cant find ‘[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]smart_event_gossip_hello or smart_action_killedmonster on invoker’

[COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]can you show me it with sql code ? ;] thx

SELECT * FROM smart_scripts WHERE event_type=64 AND action_type=33;

anyway learn to use smart_scripts


but still not working can you paste all sql code + npc create all what i need to working quest thx

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No dude. He gave you a query that pointed you in the right direction. It’s not rocket science to go look at the wiki and learn what each of the fields in quest_template is for and what are acceptable values, and make your own. Someone giving you “all sql code + NPC” is spoonfeeding, and isn’t worth our time or yours.

The most you’re going to get (from me anyway) are links, so here you go.

If you’re willing to do a little work, as in post the queries that you’re building, someone might be inclined to point out mistakes. But don’t expect anyone here to simply do the work for you.