How to Patch with patcher?

Hey guy,

at first, i´m sorry for the stupid question but how can i get the patched wow.exe? i tried to drag&drop the exe over the pather but it doesn´t work. when i drag&drop the pather over the exe, i don´t get the pathed exe…

how can i get the patched exe?

You can start the command line, [FONT=courier new]cd[/FONT] to the directory of wow.exe and run [FONT=courier new]connection_patcher.exe wow.exe[/FONT]. Copy connection_patcher.exe to the same dir as well first.

thanks at first, but where do i get the connection_pather.exe? i have only 2 connecion_pather for vc++ projects :confused:

When you say “[COLOR= rgb(39, 42, 52)]i tried to drag&drop the exe over the pather but it doesn´t work” what the heck is the pather?

connection_patcher.exe is the result of compiling the tools that are included in TC. It’s all described in the wiki, read it with attention.

i read the wiki and there is only one little sentence about this problem:

Get latest [B][connection_patcher]([/B] (from your build/release folder when compiling with tools)

there i cant read anything about compile the pathcer. how can i get the connection_patcher.exe?

OK, what it hard to understand of you must compile with tools to get connection patcher? (6.x branch only)

the problem is, that i dont find a good tool to compile

In cmake, there is an option to compile tools. Tick that, regenerate and then reload/recompile, THEN you should see it.

You are trolling me? the tools comes with trinitycore sources. You must enable tools on cmake to get patchet.

no i dont want to troll you. i checked tools on cmake. but i only get vc++ projects


In your folder E:/patcher (output of the cmake build) you will find a TrinityCore.sln that you must open with VS and Build. The executables will be in your E:/patcher/bin/Debug/ or E:/patcher/bin/Release

i am so sorry… yesterday it doenst do it… thx for your help

My patcher does patch but the patched exe doesn’t work unless I use the cmd command.