how to start with tc

I’ve got into C++ a while ago sole purpose of working with the core, but dropped it some time later, and now I thought I’d give myself another try, but I have no clue where I should start from.
The title speaks for itself, I’m asking you what should I go through first and why, and if there’s actually anything that I can use for guidance, besides the dim, incomplete documentation.

You may consider me incompetent (and to a certain extent, I am) but I genuinely have no idea what to begin with. ?

Welcome in TrinityCore.

You can start trying to implement some

Last time I did one of those in order to practice with C++, I’ve implemented a simple Quest Tracker

We lack of documentation, this is true, but you can always ask in IRC channel for help and check commits to view examples.

Pulling with average speed of 15KB/s is frustrating.