How to time Boss casts (Combinations)

Hello guys,

Im writing a Boss script right now and everything is working quite well, exept one thing.

I want to cast two spell behind each other.
These are a Knockback and a Hook followed by a Cleave Attack.

All spells Iam using already exist.

In my opinion the problem is that the Hook which iam using has a minimal cast range of 8 yards and a cast time of 1 second.
So if I knockback my target the cast of the Hook doesnt take place because the target is below 8 yards.
When i chose another knockback spell my target is already so far away that my Boss evades or the player is out of range because the Hook needs 1 sec to be casted.

I already tried to do a while loop after the knockback as long as the target is not in meele range. But that faild realy hard.(server crashed /emoticons/default_tongue.png )
I also tried all other existing Knockback spells. I found 1-2 which could work with a better timing.
I also thought about modifing the casttime of the Hookspell. But i dont know how or where i have to do this.
Or is it possible to include “windows.h” for the pause option to time the Hook spell ?

Here is my code

Thanks for any idea.