[In Development] QuarkCMS - An End-to-End Content Management System for Trinity


a simple and easy to use CMS for TrinityCore.


Quark is currently in the foundation stage. I am actively looking for .NET Core developers interested in joining me. Let me detail down the entire backlog below. For now, let’s talk about what Quark seeks to achieve.

for the general public, here’s what Quark will have in its first iteration:



[li]Authorization[/li]		[ul]
			TrinityCore-level RBAC

[li]Character Management[/li]		[ul]
			Unstuck, etc.
		[li]Item Spawning[/li]				
					Basically allows you to send to your users items via the in-game mail

		[li]Character realm migration[/li]			
[li]Server Monitoring[/li]	
[li]News Management[/li]	

for developers, here’s what Quark will have in its first iteration:

[li]EntityFramework-based TrinityCore data management[/li]
[li]Event Sourcing[/li]
[li]Bulma-driven frontend UI[/li]
Green - Done

Orange - In progress

Screenshots or demo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why .NET when the project is C++ based?

A lot of the getting started guides on the wiki and forums are already dated and need to be updated. I think some of the setup guides haven’t been updated for nearly 5 years since the last time I set up a build environment to try TrinityCore.

I just ask because for someone who mostly just dabbles in this stuff it would be yet another build environment to set up when the current one looks harder to set up since the last time I did it. I think Boost is something new I didn’t have last time, VC++ setup instructions are no longer accurate, some of the dependencies installers either don’t work as expected or need setup steps not in the guides.

Why do you think that? At least for Windows OS it’s mostly up to date. Linux I don’t know because I don’t use it. And as it is a wiki, everybody is welcome to update it. I also made some small updates when I saw there was a need for it.

Personally I think it was never so easy to setup and maintain a WoW Core. 10 years ago … that was hard.

But what has the wiki to do with Quark? Quark claims to be a CMS.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but a lot of the wiki links to the forums look much like they did around 5 years ago when I last set up the Windows build environment to compile TrinityCore. The Visual C++ setup screenshots don’t match the current version of Visual C++ even though the version seems to be correct and the same. I think Microsoft just changed the installer so it’s much different looking.

I probably just need to spend more time and get familiar with what’s changed. I’m not a developer so it’s more challenging to set up for me.

If you find small issues like broken links in the Wiki you may can edit the page yourself to help other people. If you have questions the Wiki can’'t answer please feel free to ask in a new topic in this forum.

wiki is updated a lot when needed, if something is broken like magnuss told you, you can update it yourself, or ask on irc to update it if you known what’s needed to update.

I’ll try to be in!

Can you write me on telegram? nickname: @Tony_DiNozzo