Increase drop amount

Hi guys

I’m trying to increase the loot items amount for creatures

i’ve studied the reference_loot table and i’ve also understand that to increase dropped items i can change the worldserver config value “Rate.Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount”

however this is dangerous since creatures based on “group id” loot multiplies theirs grouped items.

For example:

Lord Marrowgar drops statically 2 (grouped) items at time, so to increase it at about 8-10 items, i’ve to change Rate.Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount to 4x or 5x

Onyxia instead drops statically 5 (grouped) items, but using Rate.Drop.Item.ReferencedAmount at 4x it drops too many items! ( moreover increasing this config it breaks the onyxia loot since quest items ,with 100% rate , oddly aren’t dropped anymore ! )

so what should i do to increase the loot amount without breaking loot? my idea would be to disable the group-id feature and leave the old-school loot , but is it possible?

I’m not sure if there’s any easy way to do this.

At least resort, you can always modify the mincount and maxcount fields manually to match what you want.

Thank you Nay /emoticons/default_smile.png