Inserting Bags into bag slots

I am trying to insert some bags into my equipped slots and for some reason its not working.

Please see screenshots to where I can locate them into the database and using for the docs.

Here I attempt to put this item into slot 20 in my character_inventory table with the unique key from wowhead and from the database. When i launch the game the only bag i have is the default backpack. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!



I was able to send myself those bags via mail using the gm command but for some reason giving it to me in the database wouldn’t work.

add items directly on db is a VERY bad idea.


First of all, wowhead is a horrible horrible resource. I catch items that are never up to date or in sync.

Secondly, to reiterate waht Aokromes had mentioned, you never ever want to insert directly into a DB, especially the character’s inventory. Not to mention, if the player is online, the manual entries don’t update the server and could cause problems to the player. They could overwrite that current entry while playing, or worse, it could also crash the client…

Here is a solution. In game email the item to the player. Let the server do the work. You can use SOAP to give the player the item using a script. I see too many people make the mistake (thinking that they know what they are doing) and manually inserting the item into the character’s inventory. This also goes for reputation, faction modifications, etc…

Use the console or in game commands!